Revolutionary AI startup LexiMD receives backing from Spore Finance
Revolutionary AI startup LexiMD receives backing from Spore Finance

Spore Finance is proud to back LexiMD, an AI Diagnostics start-up, primarily focused on pre-screening and diagnosis.

LexiMD seeks to tackle the immense healthcare inefficiencies in America today. By expediting check-in and registration processes, LexiMD doesn’t only diminish waiting times for patients but also optimizes physician and support staff labor hours. Meanwhile, enabling a proficient system for record keeping and tracking of diseases, LexiMD is making significant strides in fortifying the functionality of our healthcare system.

While finalizing its software solutions for Clinics, in a groundbreaking development, LexiMD is also working on the reasearch and development of injectable chips. These tiny marvels of medical technology aim to monitor patient vitals, offering real-time tracking of health data, alerting patients and doctors to any dangerous fluctuations in vitals, and providing voice-enabled communication. This allows for seamless, empathetic, and efficient remote care for all ages and conditions.

Scheduled to pilot static kiosks in clinics nationwide in 2024, and wearable devices in 2025, LexiMD is set to influence the healthcare industry by providing faster, more accurate care to those in need. Injectable chips, once approved through regulatory procedures, will also be pilot-tested soon.

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